LG set to unveil their Lifeband Touch fitness tracker at CES


It seems as though LG will be taking the wraps off a new fitness tracker from the company at CES this year. The device has already been described in a Korean-language press release and it has been seen on the show floor (pictured left) but there has yet to be a formal announcement regarding the device.

The fitness tracker, called the Lifeband Touch, will be a waterproof wristband with an OLED touch display that is able to keep tabs on calories used, the number of steps the user takes and other exercise-related details. It is also supposed to feature more smart watch-like functions, like displaying notifications and controlling music playing on a user’s smartphone.

The Lifeband Touch will be compatible with both Android and iOS devices over Bluetooth and will also work with a set of headphones which are able to to monitor a user’s pulse via their ears.

The Verge points out that LG had a fitness tracker at CES 2013 called the Smart Activity Tracker, which hasn’t yet made it to the market, so this looks like a second take on the device. LG has yet to announce pricing and availability for the Lifeband Touch.

Source: The Verge Image: LG (Flickr)


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