Lenovo brings 6TB of cloud storage and streaming to one little Beacon


Lenovo makes a lot of shiny things, including a host of laptops, tablets and even some phones. And then there is the Beacon, the glorious intermingling of personal cloud storage and media server. It stores 6TB of data, held in dual hard drive bays, and is powered by an unspecified Atom processor.

This means that the Beacon can stream pretty much anything you store inside it without much hassle on multiple PC and Android devices.

At the back it has HDMI, Ethernet and twin USB ports, which means it can link up to your big screen for better viewing. Another nifty feature is when your device is linked up to the Beacon via its app, pics and videos captured can be automatically or manually uploaded to the Beacon.

So far its pricetag is sitting at $199 (R2,150) and is scheduled to hit shelves overseas in April, though there is no availability announced for local shores yet.

Source: Engadget


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