Wanted for Christmas – This full-sized, driveable, air-powered LEGO car


Having a car made out of LEGO isn’t hard to accomplish, either you purchase one of the make-a-car kits or you make sure you have the correct bricks and a little imagination. Scaling it up to use more than half a million LEGO blocks and adding a working engine (made from LEGO) that runs on compressed air is a little more ambitious but that’s just what two creative guys have done – making a working, drivable car composed largely of LEGO.

There are a few items, like the wheels and gauges, which aren’t made from the childhood-defining plastic brick but there are still more than 500,000 of them making up everything from the body to the engine to the seats and steering wheel. The pair behind the project, Australian Steve Sammartino and Romanian Raul Oaida, crowdfunded the working LEGO car which is dubbed the Super Awesome Micro Project. By the looks of the footage, they got the name right.

The LEGO vehicle can’t be driven too quickly since it’s just snapped together out of little plastic bricks but it still manages to reach around 32km/h. That’s not bad for something rigged together out of LEGO and is far better than anything the Stuff team has managed in their time.

Source: The Verge


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