Samsung heads into Android gaming territory, launches the Smartphone Gamepad


Samsung is dropping products in most technology spheres these days so it was just just a matter of time before gaming gear made an entrance from the company. The South Korean company has released a new device intended for mobile gaming called the Samsung Smartphone GamePad.

Designed for use on smartphones with display sizes between 4 and 6.3-inches, the SmartPhone GamePad will support devices that run Android 4.1 or later. It attaches to smartphones by way of a clamp and connects via NFC if the device packs an Android 4.3 OS or Bluetooth 3.0 for 4.1 and 4.2 phones.

By the look of things, Samsung will be providing a fully-fledged controller to mobile gamers, with dual analogue sticks, a direction-pad, triggers and what the company calls “action buttons” wrapped around a rechargeable shell that wouldn’t look out of place connected to a desktop console. Until Stuff gets our hands on one there’s no telling how it feels but mobile games from Electronic Arts, SEGA, Ubisoft and GameLoft are supported so it should feel good in at least a few instances.

Samsung has said that their GamePad is available in some European markets and that it “…will be available in additional regions in the coming weeks.” Pricing is a bit of a mystery.

Source: Ars Technica


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