LG will be introducing a Chrome OS-based all-in-one at CES 2014


All-in-one computers are unusual beasts, containing everything you might need from a PC but allowing little room for customisation. LG is planning on making the all-in-one into an even weirder animal by unveiling Chromebase, a Chrome OS-based PC, at CES 2014 at the beginning of the new year.

LG is reported to have announced the Chromebase, an AIO with a 1080p 21.5-inch display and an Intel Celeron processor, 2GB of system memory and 16GB of solid state storage. It will ship with its own keyboard and mouse, replete with all of the networking attachments that we’re all so fond of, but LG hasn’t made anything known about pricing and availability. Yet.

LG isn’t really looking at getting Chromebase computers into the hands of the average person, according to the company. Instead they’re going to target schools and hotels, where users will be able to access their cloud-based info when away from their Chromebooks – though we dare say a few individuals will get their hands on it as well.

Source: The Verge


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