Disney’s Star Wars: Attack Squadrons will be free-to-play, beta planned for 2014


Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars license might have led to the gaming world being stripped of access to games based on the Force but there’s a new, free-to-play, game on the horizon from the company that isn’t being made by Electronic Arts. Called Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, is based around dogfights in space, using the iconic X-Wing and TIE fighter spacecraft.

The game will support up to 16 players and there will be the option to customise fighters, likely with microtransactions supporting the creative process.

The teaser trailer released for the game (above) isn’t especially inspiring but that might be intentional, to replicate the older special effect from the original Star Wars trilogy. Or it could have been cobbled together overnight. Either way, the actual in-game visuals available for Star Wars: Attack Squadrons look more like what we’re expecting. There is no release date available for the game at the moment but Star Wars: Attack Squadrons is accepting sign-ups for the beta test that is planned for next year.

Source: Polygon


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