Chip-maker ARM looks to improve its game by purchasing graphics company Geomerics


Chip manufacturer ARM has purchased a graphics company called Geomerics in a bid to improve the graphics technology that appears inside their mobile processors. Geomerics announced the acquisition via their website, issuing a statement for customers who will of course be curious about how this will affect the company.

Engadget points out that Geomerics isn’t really a household name in gaming circles, though their work can been seen in several top-flight titles available on the market. Geomerics’ Enlighten technology can be seen in titles like EVE Online, Battlefield 4 and Medal of Honor and, according to the company, their work on console gamings won’t be taking a knock as a result of the acquisitions by the mobile chip makers.

Instead, ARM will be using the company to “enhance their ecosystem and expertise around high end games developers in addition to the suitability of the technology for mobile devices. Geomerics will continue to push for the highest graphical quality across all platforms including both console and mobile.”

Source: Engadget


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