The LAST won’t be the last camera you’ll ever own but it may be the first you assemble


Some of our readers will have assembled model airplanes or cars in their time, piecing together components after removing them from their plastic frames. It’d be a slightly more novel experience doing the same with the LAST camera, an assemble-it-yourself affair from Japan that turns into a film-using SLR with a pair of lenses.

The LAST Camera, which is available from a company called SuperHeadz, ships in pieces and it’s up to the buyer to assemble a working device. By the look of things, it’s not all that easy to piece the shooter together and should take patience if you’re to wind up with a functional unit. Even then, assembly should take up to four hours though we’d imagine that there’s some risk that you’ll ruin the whole thing if you’re not careful.

LAST Camera parts

That said, there are a range of customisation options beyond just putting it together including painting it as you would any other model kit. When assembled, the 35mm SLR camera features two lenses, a 25mm wide-angle and 45mm option that can be swapped, as well as space for adding a tripod and there’s an accessory shoe as part of the whole thing as well. The company behind it says that there are custom options that can be purchased, though they only suggest getting an extra lens and then sanding it to produce some unusual image effects on their website.

The way it stands now, old (camera) technology isn’t going to fade away – it’ll just be sold in kit form.

Source: Digital Trends


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