ChronusMAX will let you use a mouse and keyboard (or anything else) on almost any gaming setup


Gamers have a common complaint that they make when it comes to switching from their preferred platform of game in that their favourite controllers aren’t supported by a new system. PC gamers prefer the keyboard and mouse combination, Xbox gamers like their own gamepad and Sony or Nintendo fans will favour their own input method.

A device called the ChronusMAX, itself an update on an older product, has just added in support for Microsoft and Sony’s new console peripherals, making most of the above complaints a bit redundant. The video above shows the ChronusMAX, which is a USB attachment with a series of different ports, making an Xbox One pick up most of the currently available controllers from the PS3 and PS3 to Nintendo’s bits of plastic to a mouse and keyboard.

The controller attachment currently supports the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC, letting you use your controller of choice on your platform of choice. The Xbox One is the next target and we’ll probably be looking at full PlayStation 4 support for the device in the near future. At the moment the ChronusMAX supports the PS4 controller on other devices but not the console itself.

Source: Polygon


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