Meet the Ogre and the Stryder – two of Titanfall’s Titans


Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall is looking like it will be the shooter to watch when it releases in March next year and two new trailers, premiered this past weekend at the Spike VGX video game awards, have only reinforced this impression.

The new trailers show off two of the game’s Titans, large mechanised combat units, introducing fictional corporation Hammond Robotics at the same time. The two Titans are the Ogre, presented above, and the Stryder trailer below and they are at opposite ends of the combat spectrum.

The Ogre is the heavily armoured assault unit, able to dish out and absorb damage in large quantities. The Hammond Robotics ad really sells the Ogre as a mechanised weapon but it stacks up against another Hammond unit, the Stryder, below. The Stryder is a lightweight, speedy mech that is given a ‘live’ demonstration in the trailer that is interrupted by enemy units. The Stryder is a lot more fragile than the Ogre but in order to destroy it, you have to hit it.

Stuff can’t wait to take these units, and the others which will likely be revealed later, for a spin come release day next year.

Source: The Verge


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