Google and the rise of the (delivery) robots?


Amazon may have designs on drone-based deliveries but Google, if a New York Times report is on the ball,  might have something a little more ambitious (and earth-bound) in mind when it comes to robotic deliveries.

The NY Times report puts Android’s Andy Rubin at the head of Google’s robotics projects, which are possible thanks to the company’s relatively quite acquisitions of some seven companies that have allowed the search giant to work in the field.

For now Google is said to be focusing on assembly-line functions and on automating retail work, though there is also speculation in the report that Google will turn its self-driving cars into conveyances for delivery robots that will take your groceries (ordered online, of course) to your door at some point. A bit fanciful but not out of reach, especially given a few year’s lead time.

The listing of companies that Google has gained access to, which make everything from actual humanoid robots to robotic limbs, vision systems and advanced wheels, point towards Google being able to head in almost any direction when it comes to robotics. The only thing that has been left off the list is an artificial intelligence company or two, suggesting that autonomous robotic pals aren’t quite on the cards but Google does have everything it needs to create highly mobile robots at some point in the future.

Source/Image: New York Times


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