Toshiba to pay $35 million for SSD maker OCZ’s assets


Last week we heard that SSD manufacurer OCZ was starting the process for filing for bankruptcy, with Toshiba being a possible way for the company’s assets and employees to carry on after OCZ is gone. OCZ has now officially confirmed an offer from Toshiba which will see the Japanese multinational paying $35 million for the stricken hardware manufacturer’s assets.

The terms of the deal will see Toshiba picking up everything that OCZ has, including “proprietary controllers, firmware, and software, as well as the teams responsible for bringing those solutions to market”, meaning that the employees won’t be left out in the cold if Toshiba’s buyout is approved.

Whether OCZ manages to live on as a brand remains to be seen, Ars Technica points out that Toshiba already releases some solid-state drives of their own and, although the OCZ branding is also included in the purchase, it’s not yet known whether Toshiba will adopt it or if they will opt for their own branding for the new devices that they will likely have in store.

Source: Ars Technica


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