Captain Morgan assists in salvaging Captain Morgan’s ship


Archeology has gone a little Inception with the discovery of a 17th century shipwreck thought to be one of five ships lost in the area by Captain Henry Morgan, the pirate who has given his name to Captain Morgan rum.

In a bit of a twist, researchers from the Center for Archaeological Studies at Texas State University had locates some iron cannon near the Lajas Reef where the original Captain Morgan’s ships went down but ran out of funding before they could continue their search. Captain Morgan USA stepped up and offered to fund the rest of the search, allowing the research team to conduct a magnetometer search of the location.

One of the latest discoveries by the team involved, as well as the alcohol manufacturer, is a section of hull and unopened cargo from the wreckage which might just contain some rum. Whatever is recovered from the wreckage is due to go on display in Panama, where the shipwrecks are located.

Captain Morgan USA’s brand director said “When the opportunity arose for us to help make this discovery mission possible, it was a natural fit for us to get involved. The artifacts uncovered during this mission will help bring Henry Morgan and his adventures to life in a way never thought possible.”

Source/Image: Discovery


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