Samsung’s Galaxy S 5 – The rumours have started


Samsung are reportedly moving up the release date for their expected Galaxy S 5 smartphone, which will take the place of the company’s current flagship. This unconfirmed move is being attributed to concerns about sales of the Galaxy S 4, which is supposed to have performed better in the market at this point.

But these unconfirmed reports of the S 5 making an early appearance, which come via a South Korean news agency, have kicked off rumours of the new flagship’s specs and features in earnest. As soon as February next year we might be seeing the Galaxy S 5 which may feature a 64-bit processor for at least one of the models that are expected, with an unnamed Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU expected for other variants. A 16 megapixel camera is also thought to be a feature and there is talk of two different body configurations arriving – a metal shell with a flexible display and then a more standard AMOLED screen with a Samsung-standard plastic chassis.

There will likely be more than one S 5 handset coming so such a setup isn’t out of the question. There have been rumours of a Galaxy F handset which will feature a metal chassis that fits with what is being claimed for the Galaxy S 5 at the moment – fairly consistent as far as specs go. If the reports are true, this time around we’ll know for certain a little earlier in the year. For now, treat these specs are what they are – rumours.

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