Nokia announces an update to the Lumia 520 – the Lumia 525


Nokia has announced an update to its popular Lumia 520 handset, the Lumia 525 which will shares a shell and other features with its older cousin. Unfortunately Nokia doesn’t appear to have any immediate plans to release the smartphone in South Africa, though almost every other African country appears to be on the list.

The Lumia 525 shares a processor with its predecessor, the Snapdragon S4 running at 1GHz, as well as a 4-inch 480 x800 display. Most of the other features, like the camera and storage, will be unchanged. The major change is the system memory, which has been increased from 512MB to 1GB in size, and some updated software which will enable a few extra features on the device.

Regarding the lack of a South African launch, website TechCentral reports that Leo McKay, Nokia South Africa’s communications manager, has said that locals will be stuck with the Lumia 520 for now. McKay said of the 520 that “It already has great momentum locally and pretty much offers fantastic features and that’s why it’s been so successful.”

There is speculation, however, that Nokia will bring the handset into the country around the middle of 2014, though by that point we expect that there will be something new on the horizon from the company.

Source: Digital Trends


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