MWEB to drop pricing and increase line-speeds for (some) Uncapped users


Following Telkom’s announcement that the telecoms company would be doubling ADSL line-speeds without increasing pricing for its Telkom Internet customers, a move which is due to come into effect from 1 December, MWEB have followed suit by announcing a similar speed increase – along with a new ADSL line-speed offering and a few price drops into the bargain. But there is a snag.

MWEB says that they are unable to make any changes to their Premium Uncapped and unshaped offerings, the only packages that won’t be eligible for any automatic upgrade, unless Telkom reduces its IPC charges. MWEB ISP CEO Derek Hershaw said in a statement “Whilst we welcome Telkom’s initiative to double the access line speeds at no extra costs to the end-user, ISP’s cannot be expected to absorb the costs of a corresponding increase in data products.”

“We are currently in discussions with Telkom around a significant reduction in their wholesale IPC charges.  If these are not immediately forthcoming we will be referring the matter to the Competition Commission, asking them to intervene as a matter of urgency and force the issue.  We can then pass on the full benefits of the line speed upgrades to all of our customers”

In the meantime, MWEB’s Standard and Business Basic offerings will see some changes, either in the form of a line-speed upgrade at no extra cost or a drop in price per month for some of the higher line speeds. The ISP will be rolling out a 6Mbps offering as well, with all of the changes scheduled to take place “early next year”.
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