Google brings voice search to the desktop (via Chrome)


Do you want to perform internet search but really don’t want to move over to your keyboard? Do you have a PC equipped with a microphone? Are you going to set up your home theatre PC with one just after reading this? ‘Probably’ on that last one, since Google has decided to bring voice search to desktop PCs with a new Chrome extension which will permit users to say “Okay, Google” and then give voice to their search terms instead of typing them.

The concept is similar to what is being used for Google’s Glass device and about the same as Microsoft’s Kinect voice control. You’ve even seen something similar on Android, where a touch of a microphone icon allows you dictate what you’d like to search for.

Having Google listening for the “Okay, Google” keyword might excite some privacy concerns at a later stage if it becomes a standard fixture, just like Microsoft’s Xbox One which got slammed for always listening for user commands, but for now the installation of the browser extension is completely optional. Google have released a short video showing off the add-on in action. It really would make for a nice addition to a TV-connected PC, letting you issue commands from your couch without having to shell out for a smart TV.

Source: Ars Technica


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