See Formula E’s new Spark-Renault SRT_01E in action on the track


Formula E is the high-performance race version of those electric vehicles that some folks get a little derisive about and Spark-Renault’s new SRT_01E has just dipped its toe into the track environment with a successful test of the racing EV (electric vehicle).

The video above shows the SRT_01E taking to the track with a smaller battery than it will feature in a full race environment, something that driver Lucas di Grass comments on at the end of the trip. The racing EV might sound a little like a power-drill, something that will take some getting used to, but as far as track performance goes it seems to be doing just fine. Now all we need is to see a full-on race taking place, something that is set to happen in September 2014 in Beijing.

Source: FIA Formula E (YouTube) via Engadget


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