Google’s newest patent wants to take (all) the work out of social networks


Google has a new patent and it’s designed to take pretty much all of the work out of social network interaction by keeping an eye on you and what you consider important on social networks and automating a response based on your actions.

The patent describes a method for “generating a personalized reaction, the method comprising: collecting, using one or more computing devices, interaction items associated with a first user…and based on the first user’s prior reactions to other interaction items and the respective labels of the first user’s prior reactions; determining that the online user post satisfies a threshold likelihood of being important or interesting to the first user; and automatically generating, using one or more computing devices, a suggested personalized reaction to the online user post on behalf of the first user.”

Google’s patent, which doesn’t have a product or a use associated with it just yet, will monitor your social network interactions and – eventually –  be able to formulate a response to a Facebook or Twitter (or even Google+) post on your behalf. It won’t go so far as to post it for you, it seems, but will instead offer up tailored suggestions for you to approve. Whether or not that’s a good thing in the context of social media interactions remains to be seen but we could see this having some use for social media accounts used by businesses who have to deal with a large volume of queries.

Source: BBC via Engadget


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