Plants vs. Zombies goes a little more violent in Garden Warfare


What happens when you cross highly popular mobile game Plants vs. Zombies with something like Valve’s Team Fortress 2? You wind up with a game that uses the abilities of various plants (and zombies) from the strategy game but adds in the chaos of colourful arena-based combat.

The newest video from the game’s developers gives a good commentated rundown of playable classes in the upcoming third-person shooter on both sides. Long-time fans will recognise most of the skills and abilities (and weapons, check out the dolphin gun) being deployed as being straight from the original Plants vs. Zombies. The fact that they seem to translate so well here is a testament to both the original game’s balance and the skill of developers working to turn it into a shooter.

If there’s one game that will turn someone from a rather casual mobile gamer into a high-speed combat fanatic, it’s Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. Keep an eye open for it when it launches for consoles and the PC early next year.

Source: Polygon


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