Next from Kickstarter – A pen that lets you draw circuit boards on paper


Last week we saw details of a circuit board printer which was seeking funding on Kickstarter, this week Kickstarter has a similar – though very different project to offer. While the EX1 printer will print circuits on just about anything, a pen called the Circuit Scribe is intended specifically for paper.

The concept is quite simple, the Circuit Scribe looks like a normal rollerball pen but the ink that is uses allows for working circuit diagrams to be sketched and tested on a sheet of paper. Designed for educational and hobbyist uses, the pen is supposed to allow users to draw and then test their electronic creations immediately.

The company behind Circuit Scribe, Electroninks Incorporated, are looking for $85,000 in funding. They’ve secured around $63,000 so far but the cash is so that they can actually start a production line for the device. At the moment the conductive silver ink they use is mixed by hand and the pens are filled manually as well, they’re looking to turn that into a manufacturing process so that the overall cost of the paper circuit maker will go down to an affordable level.

The Circuit Scribe’s Kickstarter pitch video is below. If what they’ve done with ‘pen’ and paper in the video is any indication, the Circuit Scribe should be one impressive piece of tech when it is funded.

Source: Kickstarter via Engadget


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