Google unveils Project Link, plans to build fiber optics networks in developing areas


We’ve heard all about Google’s balloon-based Project Loon, now the internet giant has decided to undertake something a little more conventional in the form of Project Link.

The initiative has already launched in Kampala, Uganda and its aim is “…to bring faster, more reliable Internet to the places and people that need it”, in the form of fiber optics networks that Google is still expanding in the area. Kampala was chosen because it is “…a dense urban center currently limited to pre-broadband speeds” and Google hopes to change that for everyone in the city, improving everything from education to medical treatment in the process. And netting themselves a few more Google users in the process, most likely.

Google is definitely planning on expanding the project further afield, the Project Link website says “Solutions with virtually unlimited capacity are prepared for the future and ensure we can work with local providers to build a stronger web everywhere, including Africa.” It’s probably too much to ask if Google wouldn’t mind dropping by and upgrading much of South Africa while they’re at it, since SA is rather high up on the map of African countries with access to broadband internet.

Source: The Verge


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