Take a look at what Google Glass can do in the GDK preview


Google Glass is one of the more hyped tech products to be seen recently that isn’t an iPhone but there are still very few people who’ve had an inside look at what Google’s wearable computer/AR device can do. That’s about to change.

Google has shown off the new Glass Developer Kit (GDK) and, in a 38 minute video of the GDK presentation, those without Glass Explorer access can see a little of what the device can do. One of the apps demonstrated is called Wordlens, which is also available for iOS devices. The Google Glass version of the app lets users look at a section of foreign text, like a street sign or advertising, request a translation with a voice command and see the translated text overlaid on top of the original language. Perhaps the nicest feature of this Wordlens feature is that it is available without a data connection.

Also demonstrated are a bike-riding app called Strava which tracks overall time elapsed and user-defined segment times. There’s also a head-tracking spelling game shown off as well as in-Glass recipes for some hands-free cooking instruction.

The Glass functions being demonstrated start at around the 4:30 mark.

Source: Ars Technica


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