Qualcomm’s Toq to enter the smartwatch arena in early December


Sony and Samsung have their smartwatches in the market, the Pebble is doing well and Apple is widely expected to take a shot at releasing a wearable computing device soon so who’s left? Qualcomm seems to be the next in line and they’ve given details on when their Toq smartwatch will be hitting stores.

The Toq is due to launch on 2 December and it will set buyers back $350 (R3,550) when it does release. But what is all that cash going towards?

An Android 4.0.3 and upward compatible smartwatch, for the most part. It will feature Bluetooth audio (in stereo, of course), a Mirasol colour display and wireless charging from Qualcomm itself. What else is inside the watch isn’t really known but we can assume a Qualcomm processor and the company have opted for a proprietary operating system instead of Android for the device.

The Toq smartwatch will be available from Qualcomm direct, though we’re unsure whether it will ship to places like South Africa when it becomes available.

Source: Qualcomm via Engadget


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