The PlayStation 4’s first full day sees 1 million consoles shifted


Sony’s initial launch  in North America and Canada saw sales of their new PlayStation 4 console topping 1 million units sold. Those aren’t bad Day One numbers for any gaming console, especially when you consider that the launch wasn’t a global one. PlayStation 4 launches in Europe at the end of November and the mid-December launches in other locations (SA included) should see those sales figures climbing quite a bit higher.

Sony Computer Entertainment president and CEO Andrew House said in a statement “We are thrilled that consumer reaction has been so phenomenal. Sales remain very strong in North America, and we expect continued enthusiasm as we launch the PlayStation 4 in Europe and Latin America on November 29.”

Officially the PlayStation 4 is Sony’s fastest-selling console, reports The Verge, but whether it’ll be the Japanese company’s best-selling console isn’t set in stone. The PlayStation 3 has seen more than 80 million consoles sold in its lifetime so far and the PlayStation 2, the company’s best-selling console, had sold more than 150 million units back in March this year (but it has been on sale a lot longer than most). The PlayStation 4 still has some work to do but it’s off to a good start.

Source: The Verge


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