Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch gets notifications improvements


Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch, at launch, didn’t have much in the way of notification support for the Galaxy Note 3 handset. It was there, it just wasn’t very comprehensive. But that seems to have changed in places, according to a report from SamMobile.

Samsung’s device will be getting (or has gotten, in some places) an update to both the Gear Manager app for the Note 3 and for the Gear itself which will enable full notification viewing on the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The update will reportedly give users previews of tweets, SMS messages and emails on their watch-face as well as the option to define which messages will be appearing on their wrists via the app.

It’s not a massive improvement for the device but it shows that Samsung are still working on introducing new functionality to the Galaxy Gear. Now if only they’d roll out support for more than just one of their handsets…

Source: SamMobile via The Verge Image: SamMobile


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