Sony teases Uncharted for PlayStation 4


Don’t get too excited about a new Uncharted just yet, Sony have released a video teaser for the next incarnation of the game which is set to release on the PlayStation 4. And by teaser we mean ‘doesn’t-show-any-game-visuals’.

The next game in the series will be a tale of revenge, if the voiceover in the video (which sounds nothing like series protagonist Nathan Drake) is anything to go by. The lack of a numerical suffix is suggestive of a reboot but there’s not much known just yet.

Interestingly the map in the video trailer zooms in on several locations close to home, taking in Cape Point and Algoa Bay before heading over to Madagascar. It’s not conclusive but there’s a chance that at least one of the three locations will play some part in the next Uncharted outing.

Source: via Engadget


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