The Dubai Motor Show plays host to a claimed 560km/h supercar


There’s speed and then there’s speed and if a Dubai-based auto manufacturer’s claims are accurate then a car called the Devel Sixteen is going to become the new world record holder. The claims are a little unbelievable though, since it’s the developer’s first shot at making a car.

Among the claims being made for the Devel Sixteen are a top speed of 560km/h, 5000 horsepower via a V16 engine and 0-100km/h in a face-peeling 1.8 seconds. Four turbos and a specially designed transmission and aerodynamics system, as well as specific tyres are being credited for these stats though unfortunately we have yet to see the car in action. Possibly there’s nobody crazy enough to try it.

There is another side to the car, which will apparently feature a road mode that isn’t likely to kill you right off the bat. It’s run off eight of the sixteen cylinders but drivers will be able to switch over to the full set at the touch of a button. Where you’d find a stretch of road capable of hitting top speed without running into unsuspecting traffic isn’t really explored.

The Devel Sixteen’s prototype was on display at the Dubai motoring event and it certainly looks the part. The front scoops and the rear end with what looks like dual jet exhaust ports fits the idea of a Bugatti-spanking supercar but, until we see it spending some time on the road (or more likely an airport runway), the claims surrounding a road car that is almost halfway to supersonic are going to give us a little doubt for now.

Source/Image: Digital Trends


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