South African game developer takes to Kickstarter to fund horror title Stasis


Kickstarter isn’t just for the folks overseas, people closer to home are also taking advantage of the crowdfunding platforms to get things done. One of these is a 2D isometric game called Stasis, which from the available screenshots bears a strong resemblance to other isometric classics like the original Fallout and Wasteland with a little bit of Dead Space and a LucasArts adventure game thrown in.

Stasis is the brainchild of South African Chris Bishoff, who seems to be almost the entire development team for the game. The game involves a character called John Maracheck, who wakes up on an apparently deserted spaceship with everyone he knows missing (including his family) and a bit of a creepy mystery on his hands.

The point of funding the in-development title is to turn it into a full time project so that it can be completed faster than it would otherwise, pay for a custom music score and voice actors and a few other items besides. It looks as though even a failure to fund on Kickstarter will see Stasis being made, it’ll just take a little while longer than it would in better circumstances.

We have Stasis’ Kickstarter pitch video below and you can head over to the project’s crowdfunding page to get this local indie funded. There are just over three weeks to go and Stasis has raised just short of $60,000 of the asking total of $100,000 to date. Stasis isn’t relying solely on Kickstarter either, it’s also a part of Steam’s Greenlight program at the moment. And, if you need a little more convincing, there is a playable alpha version of the game available from Stasis’ website.


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