Electric cars are boring? – Meet Nissan’s BladeGlider


Nissan have got something interesting on the cards for the world of electric vehicles (EV) in the form of the BladeGlider, a concept EV that is being unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The motor company isn’t giving away the top speed for the BladeGlider but it’s pretty clear what they’re after, the company says that the EV comprises “…manoeuvrability for high-G cornering power, assisted by its 30/70 front/rear weight distribution ratio” and a carbon-fibre underbody which is designed to create downforce for the vehicle. It will be using in-wheel motors with lithium-ion batteries to drive the rear wheels and, as you can see from the video below, it’ll have a very unusual steering and passenger system that comes… straight from the future, by the look of it.

Nissan has designs on making the BladeGlider a production vehicle, saying that it will be the company’s first use of in-wheel motors when the prototype vehicles “…matures into a production car.”

The design for the vehicle isn’t all that new, however. The seat configuration and overall thin-ness of the vehicle has been seen at least once before…


Source: Engadget


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