This is what shares of Twitter will cost you initially


Twitter have finalised their initial stock price for their IPO, which kicks off when the markets open a bit later today. 70 million shares, which will be available for the initial public offering, will cost $26 a pop – a bit of an increase from initial estimates.

The pricing has set the value of the company as a whole at $18 billion and sales of the shares should net Twitter $1.8 billion, a bit of a rise from the original $1 billion the company was expected to fetch when its stock appears on the New York Stock Exchange today.

Twitter is probably hoping to avoid the problems seen by Facebook during its IPO but there are currently at least two camps with regards to the micro-blogging service’s value. Some feels that the shares will be in high demand, others are of the opinion that Twitter has a ways to go before they are able to justify their IPO pricing.

Source: Ars Technica


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