Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer mascot is an anime character


We’re not really sure what Microsoft’s plan is with their latest bit of promotional work for Internet Explorer but they’ve introduced a new mascot for the browser in the form of an anime-themed trailer, created by Studio CACANi Animation. At least it looks as though Microsoft is behind this, Stuff is unable to confirm the company’s involvement anywhere aside from the credits of the trailer above.

Still, the footage is effective in a way. Anyone who has ever watched anime knows what happens when a young girl, Inori Aizawa in this case, is outnumbered by a large number of enemies and is seemingly defenseless. Everyone else will have to hit up the trailer to find out just how bad the carnage is and since Inori is supposed to be a personification of Internet Explorer, that should tell you a few things about the browser. Apparently.

Though the trailer doesn’t give much in the way of insight into the browser itself, aside from the cutesy rebranding of IE, it does beg the question: why isn’t Microsoft (if it is their doing) making anime series’ as part of their product portfolio? We’d definitely watch the series if it was available, using IE itself might require more persuasion. In the form of an entire Inori Aizawa series, perhaps?

Source: The Verge


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