Kickstarter will either burst or float this Bubl


As Stuff has noted before, Kickstarter is the home of some weird and wonderful stuff. Some of it will never reach fruition (like the ill-fated Death Star), other items have a decent shot at attaining corporeal form following crowdfunding. One of these is the Bubl, a camera that looks for all the world like a Bluetooth speaker from Sony.

The Bubl, like the name suggests, is a rounded camera. What isn’t suggested, but is reality, is that the camera is capable of capturing 360 degree stills and video using four embedded cameras. The footage – or photos – can then be viewed using software developed for the camera which allows users to pan around in all directions as if they were poking around on Google’s Street View.

The Bubl’s Canadian creators say that the camera can capture stills at 14 megapixels and that it shoots video at 1080p (15fps) and 720p (30fps). Low-light performance is supposed to be “high quality” and the unit supports microSD cards up to 32GB and is WiFi enabled. The stitching software allows for individual views from each of the four cameras as well as permitting that 360 degree panoramic view.

Bubl’s Kickstarter campaign rocketed off to a start today and has pulled in some 40,000 Canadian dollars of the hoped-for $100,000. A large chunk of the donations have been for the $399 tier, which gifts the backer with one of the Bubl cameras early on. There are still another 38 days to go, something tells us that the Bubl’s getting funded.

Source: Engadget


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