Did you consider how LG’s G Flex got its name?


LG’s upcoming G Flex handset, one of the new curved smartphones to come from South Korea, Samsung’s Galaxy Round being the other, is an unusual device but it’s almost strange that nobody has considered where the G Flex name actually comes from.

Tech website Engadget has the answer in video form. The G Flex’s display is flexible, that’s something we already knew, but it seems that the entire handset is able to flex under pressure instead of being a rigid piece of plastic construction.

It’s not a feature that should be taken excessive advantage of but it’s likely that the phone will cope a little better with being in a pocket if it’s able to give way a little when your pants pull tight over your leg.

Hit the source link to see LG’s G Flex… er… flexing. Engadget notes that it takes a decent amount of pressure before the curved phone gives way but at least its design won’t see the phone being a little too fragile for comfort.

Source: Engadget


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