My, what a large Surface you’ve got Microsoft


Microsoft has decided to go big in London by erecting a massive Surface tablet in Trafalgar Square. The company has one-upped the recently announced Surface 2 by creating a roughly 383-inch tablet that lives outside.

Microsoft’s huge tablet is a very large publicity stunt, with the display measuring 27 feet by 17 feet (8.3m x 5.1m). The keyboard constructed at the base is connected to an actual Surface Pro 2, meaning that the keyboard actually functions with the Windows 8.1 operating system which is onscreen.

Tech Website The Verge went on location to try it out, reporting that the Twitter app at the very least works just fine. It just takes a little hopscotch to get to where you’re going, by the look of things. Hit up the source link below for more shots of Microsoft’s (very) large Surface.

Source/Image: The Verge


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