Unboxing the (insanely expensive) Vertu Ti Ferrari smartphone


Ever had a brand new phone that you were afraid to touch because its replacement value was so high? That’s a feeling that almost everyone encounters at some point but it’s not normal for the Stuff team to worry about how much a phone costs. Call us jaded if you like but we really have seen almost everything that tech has to offer the average user in South Africa. Still, the Vertu Ti Ferrari smartphone carries a pricetag that wouldn’t disgrace a brand new car and that’s something new for us.

What does a R178,000 smartphone look like? Toby Shapshak details all of the bells and whistles that come with Vertu’s Ti Ferrari phone so you can get a nice close look at it before it was returned to the safe to await collection by the folks crazy enough to play with it for a while. Is the Ti Ferrarri worth all that cash? Check out Stuff’s review, due later today, to find out.


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