Apple’s 22 October event: what the rumours say


Apple’s end-of-year event and all of the announcements therein are taking place tomorrow so of course there is a lot of speculation as to watch will be seen from Cupertino.

Details of the rumoured announcements, collected by The Verge, include a new iPad from the company. The new device is thought to bear a strong resemblance to the iPad mini, based on leaked images and videos, while remaining at the full iPad form factor. Expectations are that Apple will be including a 64-bit processor with the new device as well as the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. There aren’t many changes in store for the storage capacities and the iPad mini is also thought to include relatively few alterations. The refreshed iPad mini might ship with a Retina display at last, though there is a chance that Apple won’t actually include it, and it should wind up receiving a processor update. 64-bit processing and the Touch ID addition are doubtful for Apple’s smaller device.

Also thought to be on the cards is an update for Apple’s iPod lineup, the release of OS Mavericks, and the launch of the new tube-shaped Mac Pro. There are no details for a new iPod but Apple tends to update them at this time and both the desktop operating system and the Mac Pro have no new information on hand. We’ll likely see pricing and release dates for all three tomorrow.

Less likely is the reveal of Apple’s iWatch, as it is being called, though there is little to indicate that the company has an announcement due. That doesn’t mean it is definitely not on the way, it would make for a nice little bombshell for Apple. A new Apple TV might also be poking its head in and there might also be a larger iPad revealed during tomorrow’s proceedings. Refreshes will probably also be announced for the MacBook Pro and maybe the Mac mini, we could be seeing a little Haswell making a guest appearance.

As usual, none of the above is set in stone just yet but you can find the updates on Stuff tomorrow during and just after Apple’s event.

Source: The Verge


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