This week in Tech – 20 October 2013


Two smartphones, a camera and a set of headphones. This might sound like an children’s spinoff of The Big Bang Theory or perhaps the name of a quirky comedy series featuring tech users.

But it’s not (at least not until Chuck Lorre decides to check out those scripts we keep spamming him with). Instead, this is the list of gadgets that Stuff reviewed this week. How did each of the tech quartet do?

Sony’s Xperia Z1 – Waterproof and fastXperia Z1

Sony’s Xperia Z1 has made itself known on the market, running mostly against the Xperia Z as its main form of competition. An upgraded camera and a new Snapdragon 800 have turned the waterproof Z1 into a handset to have. [More]

Galaxy Note 3Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 – Bigger is better?

Samsung’s Galaxy Note, the phone that started the whole phablet thing, has reached its third iteration. There has to be a reason for that, surely? Why yes, yes there is a reason. Or two. But the Note 3, no matter how it has improved , will still have those folks who just don’t like the form factor. They probably shouldn’t hit the link. [More]

Galaxy NX HeadSamsung’s Galaxy NX – Stuck between two worlds

Samsung’s Galaxy NX camera is a very odd beast. A combination of the Galaxy Zoom smartphone, the NX300 camera from Samsung and sporting WiFi, LTE or 3G and Android with a very large touchscreen display – it’s almost a Franken-camera. How hostile is the merger of several devices? [More]

Sennheiser IE 800Sennheiser’s IE 800 Ear-Canal Headphones – Quality comes with a price

Sennheiser does some amazing things with their headphones and this is perhaps nowhere more apparent than with the IE 800 ear-canel headphones. They’d better be special to justify the bonkers price-tag and they are. But the price likely puts this sort of portable sound quality out of the average music fan’s reach. [More]


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