See cosmetics controlling electrical devices


Makeup isn’t something that immediately jumps to mind when you think about technology but that may be about to change. Katia Vega, a computer scientist at the Pontifical Catholic University in Rio, Brazil, has shown off several forms of technological makeup and cosmetics at the Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces conference in the UK earlier this month.

Vega has combined metallic fake eyelashes with eyeshadow which is capable of conducting a low voltage current in order to control a small drone, turn LED lights on or off and also to switch images being projected on a wall.  Vega explained the so-called Blinkifier’s functions, saying “Blinking is sensed via the conductive eyeshadow and the information can be sent to a circuit inside a headband, perhaps activating something via an infrared beam.”

The video above, posted by New Scientist, shows off some of Katia Vega’s creations in action. There are a few other technologies under investigation by Vega featured in the video, one involving fake nails and a DJ system which uses water as a controlling surface.

Source: New Scientist


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