Google’s Nexus 5 springs another two leaks


Google is having a hard time with the Nexus 5. Specifications for the device leaked earlier thanks to a repair manual, the phone itself appeared in an image that Google released and a video of the device followed soon after. Now there are two more leaks in the dam.

The first of these is an image, apparently from Canadian mobile operator Telus. The shot of the phone (below) shows what looks like the Android 4.4 home screen. There are a few differences in familiar icons as well as at least one new one.

Website Mobile Syrup, who first obtained the image, has a longer rundown of what the leaked image might be revealing about Android KitKat.


As if that wasn’t bad enough, there are reports that the Nexus 5 has also made an appearance on Google’s own Play Store, giving away the pricing for the device in the process. The listing is thought to be a mistake, since the page doesn’t provide any details about the handset aside from the price. The 16GB version of the Nexus 5 will cost $349 (R3,450), according to the Play Store leak.

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