Apple issues invitations confirming 22 October event


Apple was previously thought to be hosting its year-end event on 22 October and now the company has sent out the media invitations to confirm it. The event will take place in San Francisco and is expected to feature Apple’s new iPads as well as a few other details.

The invitation itself claims that Apple “still have a lot of ground to cover” so it’s likely that the new iPads won’t be the only things on show. The iPad is expected to be refreshed, possibly in line with the iPhone 5s with a fingerprint scanner being added to the tablet. Details regarding OSX Mavericks, new MacBook Pros and the Mac Pro are all thought to be making an appearance as well.

A slightly longer shot would be the unveiling of Apple’s smartwatch, which has been rumoured but not confirmed at this point.

As usual Apple is being tight-lipped about just what is in store for next week so we’re all stuck either waiting for the event or, if past events hold true, last-minute leaks about Apple’s revelations. Stuff will keep you posted on Apple’s 22 October event either way.

Source: The Verge


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