G Flex renders show LG’s handset curves the other way


LG has got flexible displays on the way and Samsung has just announced their Galaxy Round smartphone so it makes sense that LG would want to get visuals of their upcoming handset into the public eye as soon as possible. Technology website Engadget has procured renders of what is claimed to be an upcoming LG handset with a curved display.

The phone, called the G Flex, seems to have only showed up in the renders and there are no specifics regarding the phone’s specifications. As can be seen from the image, LG’s apparent handset curves along the length of the phone as opposed to along its width as Samsung’s Galaxy Round does.

Engadget cites unnamed sources as confirming that there will be a six inch display for the G Flex, something which fits with the reports of LG’s in-production flexible displays that are expected early next year.

Source: Engadget via Digital Trends


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