Facebook dropping “old” Timeline search setting for everyone


Facebook has decided to finish off the “Who can look up your Timeline by name?” setting that it started getting rid of last year at about the same time that the Graph Search feature was enabled by the social network.

Facebook has said, via a blog post by the company’s chief privacy officer, that those who opted to use the “old” Timeline search setting to limit the searches which were possible on their Facebook profiles would be seeing a message notifying them that the global option would be going away. This will be taking place in the next few weeks, while those who didn’t opt out of being searchable have already had the option removed.

Facebook Message

Instead users will have to “choose the audience of the individual things you share”, while previous posts on Facebook can have their audience limited with a single setting.

Facebook has said  that the change is being made because only a “small percentage” of users were making use of the opt-out function for Timeline search, because it was limited and because it made Facebook’s search function”feel broken”.

Source: Ars Technica


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