Now that’s a lot of (to-scale) starships


Popular fiction as well as the more niche stuff is filled with fictional space ships. Fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, online game EVE, Mass Effect or any number of rich fictional worlds in space are probably familiar with the craft which feature in their chosen mythos but there hasn’t really been much cross-universe comparison happening.

Until now, that is. Courtesy of DeviantART user DirkLoechel comes a nigh-comprehensive list of fictional spacecraft, compiled into a single image with all of the ships to scale. Considering the staggering amount of work this must have entailed, the end result is worth looking at. However the image is so large that you’re going to be zooming in on specific sections at a time, unless you happen to be displaying it on a 4K TV. Instead of clicking the image below, which will eventually show you everything (maybe), it might be a better idea to head over to Dirk’s DeviantART page and save the full-sized image for posterity. And a very sweet desktop wallpaper.


Source: DeviantART via Kotaku


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