Samsung details new OIS camera sensor


Samsung has detailed a new camera sensor due from the company some time next year, which features optical image stabilisation (OIS) and a few other nifty features besides.

The original release from Samsung is a little difficult to make out, since it was translated by Google for us, but the company considers the new 13-megapixel sensor to be more stable than previous efforts. It should also automatically correct angle errors up to 1.5 degrees and then there’s the big one: Samsung says that the new sensor should perform admirably in low-light conditions – offering up to eight times more brightness in darker settings than the previous sensor.

Engadget reports that the new OIS sensor will only be mass produced early next year but the tech, which has been developed with other smartphone manufacturers, should be appearing in devices outside of Samsung’s stable when it does become available.

Source: Engadget


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