Telkom Mobile kicks off promotional Completely Unlimited contract


South African mobile operator Telkom Mobile has introduced a new promotional contract off which they are billing as the country’s “only Completely Unlimited package”. Called, oddly enough, Completely Unlimited, those on Telkom Mobile’s contract will be able to make unlimited calls to all networks including fixed line numbers (international, premium and VIOP excluded), send unlimited SMSes and will have access to unlimited data.

If you think that this sort of promotion, which runs for an unspecified time, is going to be a little pricey then you’d be correct. Telkom has set a base price for the contract at R1,200 per month over 24 months, while nabbing one of Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 handsets along with it will bump the cost up to around R1,500 a month.

There is a caveat or two in the contract though. While data is unlimited, hitting 10GB of data over the course of a month will see an account throttled for the remainder of it at a speed of 128kbps. The speed will rest at the beginning of the next billing period, of course.

Telkom have released a video explaining a little more about the offer.


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