Apple takes the top spot as Best Global Brand


Brand consultancy company Interbrand has totaled up the figures for 2013 in order to determine which global company has the most valuable brand. Hardly surprising is Apple’s ascendancy to the top spot, a little more surprising is that the smartphone and tablet maker has knocked Coca-Cola off its 13-year perch to do so.

Google has secured the number two spot in the Best Global Brand rankings, with Coca-Cola dropping to third place.

Interbrand has set the value of Cupertino’s Apple brand at $98.3 billion and, based on the graph featured at the consultancy’s website, it’s easy to see how Apple climbed to this valuation. Apple’s rise started mid-way through 2010 and has continued to the present day, outstripping most of the competition in the tech world and, now, the world in general.

Interbrand has a summary of Apple’s brand performance to date as well as a look at the company’s future, saying “The focus for the future is clear: Apple must succeed in slowing Samsung’s momentum and capture the booming Chinese mobile market. Whether or not the brand can accomplish this remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: The world is waiting for the next iteration of Steve Jobs’ classic “one more thing” announcement, and clear proof of his declaration that the brand’s “brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it.””


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