Windows 8.1 priced and dated (for those who aren’t upgrading from Windows 8)


In case you didn’t know, today is the day where Windows 8 users will be able to upgrade their Microsoft operating systems to Windows 8.1. While the upgrade for a Windows 8 user is free (relevant to the version they are using, that is), those with older operating systems will find that there’s an obvious charge involved in updating.

Microsoft has said that pricing for Windows 8.1, which is a full version of the operating system (thus not requiring a previous Windows installation) as opposed to a simple upgrade in the case of Windows 8, will vary by territory but they have been nice enough to hand out the US pricing in the meantime. Stock Windows 8.1 will set buyers back $120 (R1,180) while Windows 8.1 Pro will cost $200 (R2,000), whether you’re buying from Microsoft directly or in retail stores. Upgrading Windows 8.1 to 8.1 Pro will cost $100 (R980).

There are a couple of points for users looking to upgrade from an older Windows installation as well. Windows 7 users won’t be losing their files when updating to 8.1 but they will be required to reinstall applications once the upgrade has completed. Those who are using Windows Vista or XP should avoid the download version of Windows 8.1 and opt instead for the retail disc. Even then, everything on those systems will be wiped during installation so a backup of files and the like is a must.



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