Facebook image uploads hit the 250 billion mark and other numbers


Facebook has been looking at ways to make apps and pages on its social network more effective and, in a recently published whitepaper by Facebook, Ericsson and Qualcomm, have dropped some numbers regarding the site.

For starters, Facebook now plays host to more than 250 billion images – a number which grows by some 350 million every day. Not bad going for a site with more than 1 billion users but some of those users are not pulling their weight in the image category.

However, when it comes to content, Facebook is seeing a little shy of 5 billion uploads or posts every day. Since ‘content’ accounts for everything from image uploads to status updates and comments, that’s a lot of activity. Facebook also says that 10 billion messages are sent every day, with Facebook ‘Likes’ trailing behind at 4.5 billion daily.


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