Asus makes Padfone Infinity update official


Electronics manufacturer Asus mentioned last week that they would be having a launch event in Taipei, teasing the reveal of a new Padfone Infinity handset and tablet combination. The company’s new hardware has been detailed and there are surprisingly few changes in store for the hybrid device.

The big alterations are centered around the processor and system memory for Asus’ phone/tablet. The previous Snapdragon 600 has been swapped out for the new Snapdragon 800, clocked at 2.2GHz, and Asus is also upgrading the device’s 2GB of RAM from LPDDR2 to LPDDR3.

Somewhat of a surprise is that Asus has dropped the internal storage a little. Previously the Padfone was available in 32GB and 64GB versions, now users will have the choice between 16GB and 32GB. A microSD card slot has been added to the Padfone to compensate for the reduced flash memory.

Aside from the changes above, the Padfone is the same as it ever was. The 5-inch Super IPS display remains unchanged, as does the camera and battery though Asus have added a new app called PixelMaster which it says will improve shots with the 13MP rear camera. There is a pleasant side effect to the lack of broad changes, anyone looking to upgrade won’t have to get rid of their old Padfone dock in order to nab a little Snapdragon 800 love.

Pricing and availability of the updated Padfone hasn’t been announced just yet. Stuff will update once more is known.


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